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How to Open Password Protected PDF File Without Password

Are you finding a way to open password protected PDF file without password, or remove password from PDF file? Unluckily, there isn't a effective way to do that, except using super computer to find  the lost password in a few second or a few minutes. However, without super computer, you still can unlock password protected PDF file with software, and then open it, but it may take you a long time.

Tips: If you just want to remove print and edit protection, see How to remove print and edit protection from pdf from PDF document.

Many password unlock tool can help you find the lost password for locked PDF file. If you have no idea which one is right for you, I recommend you get Cocosenor and have a try.

Simple guide to unlock a password protected PDF file:

1. Download and install Cocosenor PDF Password Tuner on your computer. It can be installed in windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/2003/2008/2012.

2. Click Open, and choose a password protected PDF file.

3. Keep the default setting, and click Start buttonto beginto find the lost password.

4. Wait for the software to find the lost password. It may take several hours or more time.

How long to find the password depends on the password length and the performance of your computer.


Tips: You can try the following ways to improve the password recovery speed and short the  recovery time:

1.  Run the password recovery software on a high performance computer.

2. Add one or two high performance Display Adapters to your computer. Cocosenor support GPU acceleration.

3. Read How to create a powerful dictionary to recover forgotten password or Mask Attack - a few minutes to recover a forgotten password is possible to learn more password recovery skills.

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