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Windows Password Tuner FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Windows Password Tuner

  • Which edition of Windows Password Tuner should I choose to reset my Windows password?
  • There are three editions of Windows Password Tuner: Standard edition, Ultimate edition, Raid edition.

    What edition you will choose depends on the computer Operating System.

    If your computer system is Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, select Windows Password Tuner Standard is ok.

    If your computer system is Windows Server 2016(R2)/2012(R2)/2008 (R2)/2003(R2), selecting Windows Password Tuner Ultimate is the best choice.

    If operating system is installed on the Raid computer, choose Windows Password Tuner Raid edition.
  • How to create a password reset disk with Windows Password Tuner?
  • To create a password reset disk with Windows Password Tuner:

    Step1: Get into a Computer B that is internet connected.

    Step2: Download and install Windows Password Tuner on the computer B.

    Step3: Insert a USB flash drive or CD into the computer B, select the device, and then click on Begin burning.
  • Can I reuse the password reset disk to recover my Windows password?
  • Yes, the password reset disk created with Windows Password Tuner can be used on the corresponding computer again and again.
  • How to boot my computer from the password reset disk?
  • To boot computer from a password reset disk:

    The steps to boot PC from a password reset disk may be a little different on the different brands of PC devices.

    Step 1: Insert the password reset disk into computer and restart it, when the PC logo appears, press BIOS/UEFI Key repeatedly until get into computer BIOS/UEFI settings.

    Step 2: When get to the BIOS/UEFI settings, set the password reset disk to the first boot option following the instructions on the BIOS setting screen, and press F10 to save and exit.

    More detail:Two ways to set laptop/desktop computer to boot from USB drive
  • Can't detect Windows and no Windows found on the program?
  • If you are using our software and it prompts "No Windows Found", the reason is that your Windows is installed on a special partition and Windows Password Tuner cannot recognize that partition.
  • Would Windows Password Tuner program cause data loss or damage on my computer?
  • No, all the process of resetting password with Windows password Tuner won't cause any data loss or damage on your computer, even if stop haft of the way.
  • Can I use this tool to reset password on my Surface tablet?
  • Yes, the Windows Password Tuner also can be use to reset password on Surface tablet that installed with Windows operating system.
  • Can I create a password reset disk for my computer on another computer?
  • Yes, you can download and install Windows Password Tuner on another accessible computer, to create a password reset disk for your computer.