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Word Password Tuner FAQ

Get answers to Word Password Tuner frequently questions

  • What can I do with Word Password Tuner?
  • Word Password Tuner enables you to recover lost or forgotten password for MS Word document 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000.
  • Which type of attack is best for recovering my Word document password?
  • On Word Password Tuner, there are four attack types: Brute-Force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart Attack.

    Brute-Force Attack: Word Password Tuner engine tries all possible characters combinations in the specified set. If have no idea which attack type is best, keep the default option: Brute-Force.

    Mask Attack: If you still remember a part of the Word document password, Mask attack type is highly recommended. It will be faster than Brute-Force attack.

    Dictionary attack: If select this attack mode, Word Password Tuner program will try all characters combinations stored in the dictionary. If you can self-create a password dictionary, and are sure the password is on it, this may be the fastest attack.

    Smart attack: On this attack mode, the program will try all printable character combinations, so it will be slower than the other attack type.
  • How to increase the speed of Word password recovery?
  • 1. First, you can set the program priority to allocate more CPU power to Word Password Tuner to accelerate recovery speed.

    2. Next, select an appropriate attack type. For example, if you still remember partial of the password, select the Mask with Brute-force attack.

    3. Then, set the attacking parameters.

    If select Brute-force attack, select the characters range, and click on Length to set the password minimal length and maximal length.
    If select Mask with Brute-force attack, first select the Brute-force attack to set the password range and length. Then select the Mask attack to set the Start from, End at, and Mask box.
    If select Dictionary attack, add the possible character combinations to the Password dictionary.
  • How long does it take to recover my Word document password?
  • The times take to recover Word document password depends on the factor of the password complexity and the attacking settings you set. If the password is longer it will take more time. But if you choose the appropriate attack type and configure the parameters, it will shorten much more time.
  • Can I pause during the Word password recovery process?
  • Yes, if you want to pause on the Word password recovery process, click on the Stop button.
  • Can I save my Word password recovery process?
  • Yes, after clicking on Stop button, you will be prompted to save the project, click on Yes button to save it.
  • Can I resume my Word Password recovery process?
  • If you have agreed the save the project when you stop, then you can resume it the next time start.
  • Will the Word Password Tuner program cause file damage?
  • Word Password Tuner performs read-only operations to make sure no file damage and no data loss.
  • Can I unlock my Word document with the Word Password Tuner trial version?
  • The Word Password Tuner trial version only shows password within three characters. So, if your password is longer than three characters, purchase the full version to unlock your Word document.