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How to Remove Hard Drive BitLocker Password

When I don't need the BitLocker password on my hard drive any more, and want to remove it, I found that the BitLocker password can't be removed and got the message "This password is the only way to unlock this drive. Add another unlocking method before removing password". If I don't need the password any more, what to do?

As a matter of fact, the hard drive BitLocker password can't be removed directory, but can be turned off.

Step as follow:

Step 1: Click on "Control Panel" on the Start menu.

click on control panel

Step 2: Click on "System and Security" link to continue.

click system and security

Step 3: Click on "BitLocker Drive Encryption" link to manage Bitlocker on your hard drive.

click on bitlocker drive encryption

Step 4: Click on "Unlock Drive" to proceed.

click on unlock drive

Step 5: Enter password to unlock the drive, and click on "Unlock".

enter bitlocker password

Step 6: Click on "Turn Off BitLocker".

click on turn off bitlocker

Step 7: Click on "Decrypt Drive" button and then your drive will be decrypted. This process will take considerable time, once beginning, it can't be stopped, unless forced to turn off the computer. Please wait patiently.

click on decrypt drive

Step 8: After a while, the decryption is complete, and you will find that the lock on the hard drive has been disappeared. That means the hard drive BitLocker has been turned off, and you can unlock it without password from now on, until you turn on the BitLocker again.

decryption is completed

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