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Copy and import pictures from iPhone 7plus, iPhone 7 to PC devices

Here will show you how to copy and import the pictures from your iPhone 7plus, iPhone 7 to a PC Devices. And then you can back up your photos to PC and free up the space of your iPhone.

Windows or Mac PC

Transfer photos from iPhone to Windows computer

1. Only use USB cable .

i. Go to your iPhone Photos to organize your photos. Delete the duplicate, blurry photos, or photos that you don't want any more.

ii. Connect your iPhone to the Windows PC with USB cable. Your iPhone Internal Storage will pop up when your iPhone is connected to PC.

internal storage

(If it is the first time connects to this computer, the Windows will need to download drive for your iPhone.)

iii. Double-click on the Storage file to open it. And then you can copy the files and videos from it to your PC device.

Tips: To transfer pictures from iPhone to the computer, you may need to tap on "Trust" and enter passcode on your iPhone if it is the first time you connect your iPhone to this computer.

2. Sync with iTunes

i. Open iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable.

ii. Click on the "Device" icon.

iii. Click on "Photos" below Summary. And then select Sync Photos → Select folders, select the folders such as iCloud Photos, where you want to store your photos to.
(If you also want to sync videos, select the check box "Include videos".)

iv. Click on "Apply" button, and then click on "Remove and Sync" button to begin the sync process.

sync photos with itunes

3. Download from iCloud

i. Go Settings → iCloud → Photos, to turn on iCloud Photo Library.

ii. Open iCloud Drive on your computer, and go to Photos, you can see the images from your iPhone.

iii. If don't install iCloud Drive on your computer, go to icloud.com, click on Photos → Select Photos → Download it to your computer.

transfer photos through icloud

Download pictures from iPhone to Mac device

1. Save with Image Capture

i. Connect iPhone to your Mac with USB cable and open Image Capture program on Applications folder.

ii. Select the location where you want to save the images.

iii. If want to delete the images from your iPhone after saving to Mac, set to check the box that will delete the pictures from your iPhone once the transfer is finish to free up space for your iPhone.

iv. If want to get all photos, click on "Import All" button, or click on "Import" to copy photos from iPhone to your Mac.

import from image capture

2. Import from iPhoto

i. Connect iPhone to your Mac with USB cable. The iPhoto will start automatically. If it doesn't, open iPhoto from the Dock.

ii. Select the pictures that you want to import from your iPhone.

import with iphoto

iii. After transferring, you can choose to delete or keep the pictures on your iPhone. If you don't want to delete the photos from your iPhone, click on "Keep Photo" button.

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