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How Can I Do If I Forgot The Passcode to Unlock iPad?

When you activate your iPad at first time, you are requested to set a four-digit passcode. If you forgot the passcode, here you should learn how to unlock iPad.

You can try the possible passcode using your birthday, your phone number, you luck number, etc., but if you have entered the wrong passcode repeatedly, your iPad will be locked for longer intervals. After many failed attempts, your iPhone will be locked. However you can restore your device using the computer with which you last synced it. It allows you to reset the passcode and re-sync the data from the device (or restore from a iTunes backup). If you restore on a different computer that was never synced with the device, you can unlock the device and remove the passcode, but the data on your iPad will be erased.

Aside from entering the passcode, there is only one way to unlock an iPad – restore it to its original factory setting. Please be aware that restore your iPad will delete all of your data, so please make sure you have backed up the data on your iPad.

Step 1. Open iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect iPad to your computer with supplied USB cable line.

Step 3. Select iPad in the iTunes sidebar, click the Summary tab.

Step 4. Click Restore. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore process. When restoring, it is recommended that you back up iPad when prompted. When the iPad software has been restored, you can choose to set up iPad as a new iPad, or restore your music, video, App data, and other content from an iTunes backup.

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