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How to add a new language in your iPhone?

In your iPhone, apart from the default language you set when you activate your iPhone, you can change your setting and add a new language. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to add a new language.

1. Navigate to Settings > General > Language & Region, there is a list of language, select a language you want, for example, we select “Spanish”, then tap "Done".


2. A window like below will pop up.

change to spanish

3. A second after you select change to Spanish (Spain), the language of your iPhone will be changed to Spanish. Tap “General” one time, you can also edit the language.

a new language added

4. You can delete a language by tapping the red circle, you can also press the triple-bar icon and drag it up or down to change its priority.

delete a language

5. Navigate to Settings > General > Dictionary, Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary already downloaded and installed in your iPhone.

dictionary dictionary

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