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How to Add Photos And Videos in Notes App in iPad?

A photo is worth over thousand words. Comparing with just typing some words, adding photos and video in notes app will enrich the content you want to type as well as save your time. Now we’re learning how to add photos and video in notes app.

How to add photo in notes?

How to delete photo from notes?

How to share notes?

How to add photo in notes?

1. Open notes app in home screen, tap the camera icon, you can select a photo from photo library or take a new photo or video.

insert a photo in note

2. As an example, we select a photo in photo library.

a photo husky

3. After the photo embedded in the note, we can type some words as description

a funny husky

How to delete photo from notes?

Pressing the photo for two seconds, you can see a button combination appears, tap Delete, the photo will be deleted from your note.

delete photo in notes

How to share notes?

Tap the icon on the upper-right corner that between trash bin icon and edit icon, a window pops up, you can share your notes by mail.

share notes

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