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How to back up iPad to computer with iTunes

Nowadays, to an extent, iPad is important for us in our daily work and life. We can communicate with our friends or business partners through Email, we can read various kinds of work documents, draw, paint, etc. So we should regularly back up the data and information on it. Here you can learn how to back up iPad to computer with iTunes.

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer with included USB cable line.

Step 2. Open iTunes, click the device icon, you will see the tap Summary on the left side of iTunes panel.

Tip: If this is the first time your iPad connected to computer, you will be requested to enter passcode on your iPad and Trust this computer.

Step 3. On the right side of iTunes panel, select "This computer" under Backups, then click "Back Up Now". If you want to encrypt the backup, you can select "Encrypted local backup".

iTunes backup for iPad

Tip: Once the backup is complete, iTunes will show you the backup’s date and time.

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