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How to check activation lock status?

In iOS7 and later version, there is a new function named "activation lock" in "Find My iPhone", which will be automatically turned on when you enable Find My iPhone. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch was lost or stolen, activation lock will prevent someone else erase the data and reactivate iPhone. Now we learn how to check activation lock status.

1. Enter www.icloud.com, click "Check Activation Lock Status" on the bottom.

check activation lock status

2. Enter the IMEI or Serial Number of your iPhone.

check activation status

3. As for IMEI and Serial number, you can find it in Settings > General > About.

IMEI and Serial Number

4. After you enter the IMEI or Serial number, you can find the similar information to below:

activation lock on

In a word, when you get a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we recommend that you turn on Find My iPhone, then the Activation Lock will be turned on. Meanwhile, the Apple ID and password are vital important, please do not use too simple password.

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