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How to Delete Apps in Your iPhone?

In old version of iOS, people may do not want some pre-installed Apps, but the default Apps can’t be deleted by user. They possibly resort to stash out of sight in a folder labeled “trash”, but now in the latest version IOS10, Apple enable the iPhone user to delete some apps, like Calendar, Weather, Maps, App Store, Compass, iTunes Store, House, Podcast, Watch, etc.

Following steps will teach you how to remove unwanted Apps:

1. Press on a App for a second, all Apps were shook, some Apps have a small icon with “x” on the upper-left corner.

delete-apps-0 delete-apps-1

2. Tap the Apps with icon of “x”, the App will be removed.

But the deletion may cause some problem, so before you remove the default Apps, you should learn what will happen if some default apps deleted.

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