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How to manage iCloud storage on iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 has been available since September, 2016, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus starts with storage 32GB, which is larger than previous iPhone that starts with storage 16GB. iCloud is an important tool for backing up and securely stored the valuable and precious data in iPhone 7 as well as shared them everywhere. Apple offers you 5GB space for free, if the iCloud storage is run out, your new pictures and videos on your iPhone 7 won't upload and back up to iCloud. iCloud drive and other iCloud apps won't update across your iPhone 7. When you send or receive email, system will remind you there isn't enough space. Hereon, you can learn how to manage iCloud storage on iPhone 7.


You are able to manage iCloud storage by two ways:


You can check how much iCloud storage you have by navigate to Settings > iCloud > Storage

Please bear in mind: before you delete data and documents, please make sure you've already backed up the data and documents in your iCloud.

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