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How to Show The Signal of Your iPhone by Digits?

Normally, the signal of iPhone display by length of “·”, “·····” refers to the strongest signal while “·” or without the dot means quite weak signal or no signal. Except for this display method, it also can be displayed by digits, which show the actual signal performance. Now we learn how to set it:

1. Typing “*3001#12345#*”on the dial panel, and call;

2. “Field Test” appears, the latest updated time is shown on the bottom, shut down the iPhone.

3. Restart the iPhone, after a second, you can find the signal of “·” changed to digits. You can click it and toggle between “·” and digits.

In general, the signal of iPhone can be read as -40 to -130, -40 refers to the iPhone is in the best signal condition while -130 refers to quite bad or even no signal condition.

show signal by digits

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