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Three options to reset iPhone 7Plus, 7, SE, 6Plus, 6s to factory settings

Here are three options you may need to hard reset your iPhone 7Plus/7/SE/6Plus/6s to factory settings:

Before resetting iPhone

If you reset your iPhone to factory settings, all the data including contacts, photos, video, music, apps, bookmarks, messages, notes, other data and files will be erased. So doing a full backup of your iPhone is necessary before restoring it to factory settings. You can back up your iPhone to computer through iTunes, or back it up to iCloud by this way: Settings → iCloud → Backup → Back Up Now.

Option 1: Restore iPhone to factory settings from iPhone without iTunes

1. Go to Settings → General → scroll to the bottom of screen tap on "Reset".

2. Tap on "Erase All Content and Settings".

3. Enter your screen lock Passcode, and then enter your Restrictions Passcode (if you have set passcode on your iPhone).

If you forgot the passcode, go to Option2 to see how to reset iPhone to factory settings when forgot passcode.

4. Tap on "Erase iPhone". This will begin the reset process.

erase iphone from iphone

After resetting iPhone, if you want to restore your iPhone, you can tap on "Restore from iCloud Backup" directly, and then login with your Apple ID to select the backup to restore it.

If you want to set up your iPhone as new, select "Setup as new iPhone".

Option 2: Reset iPhone to factory settings when forgot passcode

Forgot Restrictions Passcode or lock screen passcode

If you had set a Restrictions or screen Password on your iPhone and forgot it, you won't be able to reset your iPhone from itself with the method above. You can use iTunes to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with USB cable and launch iTunes. (If you are required to enter the iPhone passcode, but you forgot it, reset it from the Recovery mode.)

2. Click on the phone icon, you will see your iPhone Summary on the right panel. Wait for iTunes to sync iPhone and make a backup

3. Click on "Restore iPhone" to reset your iPhone. And confirm to erase everything on your phone. (You will be required to turn of Find My iPhone if it is on.)

click restore iphone

Forgot screen lock passcode

If you forgot the screen lock passcode and your iPhone is freezed, hard reset your iPhone to factory settings from Recovery mode.

1. Start iTunes on your computer and turn off your iPhone.

2. Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, and connect it to your computer with USB cable.

3. Until iTunes logo appears on iPhone's screen, release the home button.

itunes logo

4. And then follow the instructions on iTunes to restore iPhone to factory settings.

reset iphone to factory settings

If you forgot screen passcode or restrictions passcode, your iPhone can't be restored with the backup, or the forgotten password will be restored too. You can sync the contend to your iPhone with iTunes

Option 3: Reset iPhone to factory settings when your iPhone is lost

When your iPhone is lost or stolen, set it to factory defaults to erase everything on your iPhone is necessary. But your iPhone is not in your hand, how to erase the data from it? Use Find My iPhone on your iCloud web site.

1. Sign into icloud.com with your Apple ID.

sign in icloud

2. Click on "Find iPhone", and sign in with your Apple ID password again.

find iphone

3. Select your iPhone device on the All Devices menu on the top of window.

select your device

4. Click on "Erase iPhone", and confirm to erase it.

reset iphone from find iphone

When you find back your iPhone or purchase a new one, you can restore your iPhone with the previous backup from iCloud or iTunes.

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