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Two Ways to Back Up iPhone

You may have invested in the latest version of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, comparing with the money you spend on the device, the data and information contained in the device definitely come with greater value. In case the device is lost, stolen, severely damaged, you should regularly back up the photos, contacts, message, apps and other valuable stuff. Hereupon you can learn how to back up iPhone.

Apple offers two ways to back up the data and information. One is backing up the data in iCloud, the other is backing up the data in computer with iTunes. The difference between these two ways is as following:


Info: What is an encrypted iPhone backup?

In order to keep the backups of your iOS devices in secured and encrypted condition, you can set password and encrypted on your data. This feature will lock and encodes your data. The hackers even can't access it.

iCloud backups

When your iPhone is connected with a Wi-Fi network, the data and information in your iPhone will automatically be backed up in iCloud, no need to plug your iPhone to your computer.

Almost all of the data and information stored in your devices can be backed up exclude:

iTunes backups

You can also back up the data on your PC or Mac with iTunes, almost all of the data and information can be backed up in iTunes exclude:

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