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Unlock iPhone 7plus/7/6plus/6s without the passcode when forgot password

If your iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7 or 7 Plus is locked and you forgot the passcode, how to access your iPhone? Here are three methods to unlock your iPhone without the forgotten passcode.

Erasing iPhone is the only way to unlock your iPhone. If you have synced or backup your iPhone to iCloud or your PC with iTunes, you can erase your iPhone through iCloud.com and iTunes and then restore your iPhone from the backup. If you do not have a backup, or unlock from the recovery mode, all the data including contacts, photos will be lost. However, owning an iPhone as new is better than the one like a brick.

Reset and restore iPhone from iCloud

This method works when your Find My iPhone have turned on. And during the resetting process, your iPhone need to connect to the Wi-Fi or Cellular network.

1. Log in iCloud.com with Apple ID and password in your computer.

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable.

3. Click on "Find iPhone" on the bottom of page on iCloud.com.

click find iphone

4. Click "All Devices" to select your iPhone on the top of screen.

select device

5. Select "Erase iPhone".

select erase iphone

6. Click "Restore" and agree to reset your iPhone.

7. Waiting for the resetting process to finish. Swipe the "slide to unlock" text on your phone's screen. Your iPhone will unlock without entering passcode.

8. And then restore your iPhone from backup or set up as new.

Erase and restore iPhone with iTunes

This method works when you have synced your iPhone with this computer. If it asks for passcode to trust this computer, try with another computer you have synced with. Or try with the other method.

1. Open iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable. Click on "Device" icon below Account, you will see your iPhone Summary.

2. Wait for your iPhone to sync with iTunes. And then select "This Computer" and click on "Back Up Now" to make a backup for your iPhone to the computer.

3. Click on Restore iPhone > Restore > Agree to reset iPhone.

restore iphone

4. Wait for the resetting process to finish, click on "Restore Backup", and choose the latest backup to restore the data and settings to your iPhone.

If you encrypted your iPhone's backup, you will need to enter the password. However, if you also forgot your iTunes backup password, see How to unlock encrypted iPhone backup without password if forgot password.

5. When the backup is loaded, then you can unlock your iPhone without password by swiping the "slide to unlock" text on iPhone's screen.

Reset iPhone from the Recovery mode

This method needs a PC device installed with iTunes. If no iTunes, you can download it from apple.com and install it in your computer..

1. Open iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the PC with included USB cable.

2. Force restart your iPhone.

Keep holding both buttons till you can see Apple logo, and then go to the Recovery mode. And you can release the both buttons now.

3. Go to iTunes, you will see the following dialog box. Click "Restore", if the iOS is not the newest on your iPhone, you may need to click on the "Restore and Update" button.

restore iphone from recovery mode

4. If you are sure to erase your iPhone from Recovery mode, follow the instructions on screen and click "Agree" to reset your iPhone to factory default.

5. Wait for the reset process to complete. When the restore process finishes, and your iPhone reboots, the Setup Assistant will start. Sign in with your Apple ID, and follow the instructions to set up your iPhone.

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