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Will iPhone 8 Be Wireless Charged?

We have found that Apple Inc. have become a member of WPC(Wireless Power Consortium), Will Apple Inc. use wireless charging technology on iPhone 8? Even though Apple does not confirm the news, we believe that the iPhone will be wireless charged sooner or later.

iPhone will be wireless charged


As we know, there are two groups support the wireless charging technology -- WPC and AirFuel Alliance, the latter is a combination of Alliance for Wireless Power(A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PWA). Both are supported by some giants, WPC's member includes Qualcomm(it is also a AirFuel member), Nokia, HTC, ST, etc., while AirFuel's members cover Intel, Samsung, AT&T, etc.

There are two kinds of wireless technology -- MI((Magnetic Induction) and MR(Magnetic Resonance), the difference of these two technologies is the work frequency. The work frequency of MR is 6.78MHz, it comes with stronger penetration, longer charging distance; The work frequency of MI is 100-205KHz, its work efficiency is 70%-75%. while that of MR is less than 50%. Obviously, MR is better than MI. An expert said that MI can be used as 1st generation wireless technology while MR can be used as 2nd generation wireless technology. In the future, there will be a solution for far field.

At the initial time, WPC just focus on Qi standard on the basis of MI, but AirFuel has PMA compatible with MI and A4WP compatible with MR. Now, WPC realized the importance of MR, and launched the Qi standard on MR; Besides, WPC and AirFuel are moving forward far field. So WPC and AirFuel are in the same level.

Finally a consensus will be reached that MI. MR and Far Field will exist in a alliance, the two groups might combined in the future.

As now MR IP is controlled by AirFule Alliance, but Apple has obtained MR IP from Intel. Apple will test MI and MR. The final decision will be subject to the stability and cost.

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