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How to Change Windows Primary Language on Surface Tablet

You can change Windows primary language on Surface tablet easily. You can change the language to English or other languages that you want on your Surface (Surface RT, Surface Pro, or Surface 3). Here will take Surface Pro 3 as example to show you the details step by step.

Step as follow:

Step 1: Get into Windows on Surface, swipe in from the right edge of surface, tap on "Settings" on the charms bar.

tap on settings

Step 2: Tap on "Change PC settings" on the right bottom of the screen.

change pc settings

Step 3: Tap on "Time and language" on the PC settings.

time and language

Step 4: Select "Region and language" on the left panel.

region and language on surface

Step 5: Select your country or region on the drop-down list, click on "Add a language", and then select the language you want to set on surface.

add a language

Step 6: After the language was added, it will show that "Language pack installed".

If the language has not been installed, tap on the language you add (such as English (Canada)), tap on "Options" button, and then click "Download" to download and install the language.

language pack has been installed

Step 7: Tap on the language again, and select "Set as primary" to set the Windows language as default on Surface. The language you just set will be display language after next sign-in.

set language as primary on surface tablet

Step 8: To take effect of the change on your Surface, sign out and in again (or restart your Surface). When you login your Surface again, you will find that most of the display language has been changed.

The language will change only for the user who makes the change, not for all users who use the surface.

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