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Find Back My Microsoft Account Forgotten Password

I upgraded my Windows 7 pc to Windows 10, and I was always use my local account to logon windows, and I have a long time do not use my Microsoft account. Yesterday I signed into the Xbox with my Microsoft account, and it prompted me to sign into my windows with the Microsoft account next time. And then when I open my PC and want to log in, it requires me to login with the Microsoft account, but I found that I forgot my Microsoft account password.

I can't login my Windows 10 device, how can I find back my Microsoft account password? Here I am grad to share with my experience to reset/recover Microsoft account password on Windows 10.

Step 1: First, you need to access to a device (desktop PC, laptop, table, or smartphone) that is connected to internet, search "Microsoft account" on Bing or Google, and then click on the link: Sign in to your Microsoft account.

search microsoft account

Or click on the link: https://account.live.com get to the Microsoft account Sign in screen.

Step 2: Click on the "Can't access your account?" link below Sign in button.

can not access your account

Step 3: Select "I forgot my password" and click on "Next".

i forgot my password

Step 4: Enter your Microsoft account email or phone that you want to recover password, and enter the characters you see, and then click on "Next".

recover your account

Step 5: Select the email to verify your identity, enter your another email that is connected to your Microsoft account, and then click on "Send code" button.

If you have related your phone number with your Microsoft account, you also can get the code by phone.

If you do not have an email or phone related with your Microsoft account, select "I don't have any of these", and follow with the "Step 10".

verify your identity

Step 6: Your Microsoft account password reset code will be sent to your email or phone, open your email to get the code.

password reset code

Step 7: Enter your security code receive from your email or phone, and click on "Next".

enter your security cod

Step 8: Enter and reenter a new password that you haven't used before, and then click on "Next" to reset your Microsoft account password.

reset your microsoft account password

Step 9: Your Microsoft account password has been recovered successfully, go to your Windows 10 device, and log in with the new password.

your account has been recovered

Step 10: If you don't have an email or phone related with your Microsoft account, select "I don't have any of these" on the "Step 5", and go on with the step below.

do not have any of these

Step 11: Enter an email address that is different from your Microsoft account email, and then click on "Next".

If you have turned on the two-step verification, you can't recover your Microsoft account password this way.

enter contact email address

Step 12: Check your email for the message from Microsoft account team, and you will get a code, enter the code you receive and click on "Verify".

enter the code

Step 13: Enter as much correct info as you can to find back your Microsoft account password.

enter info to recover microsoft account

However, if you can't find back your Microsoft account password with the methods above, you can sign up for a new one, or reset your Microsoft account password with password recover tool.

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