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If I Forgot My Windows 10 PIN Code What to Do

In Windows 8/10 device we also can login with PIN code simply instead of other sign-in options. However, if you forgot your Windows 10 PIN code to login what to do?

Sign in with other sign-in options (local account/Microsoft account) and then reset/remove your Windows 10 PIN code.

Follow the detail steps:

Step 1: If you forgot your PIN code, on the login screen, click on "Sign-in options", and try to login to Windows with your Microsoft account or local account.

sign in windows 10 with other sign in options

Step 2: Click on Windows icon on the bottom-right corner, on the top of Start Menu, click on your account, and then select "Change account settings".

Step 3: On the right panel of Accounts settings, select "Sign-in options". On the left below PIN, you can see the link "I forgot my PIN", click on it to go on.

forgot windows 10 pin

Step 4: If you are sign in with Microsoft account, you will be asked, "Are you sure you forgot your PIN", click on "Continue" to go on.

click on continue button

Step 5: Reenter your Microsoft account password and click on "Sign in" to verify your identity.

reenter microsoft account passwordg

Step 6: Enter your new PIN and confirm PIN, click on "OK" to reset a new PIN for your Windows.

If you want to remove the PIN sign-in options from your Windows 10 device, leave the text box blank, and click on "Cancel" button directory.

reset a new pin

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