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If Forgot Hard Disk BitLocker Password What to Do

Forgot your computer hard drive encrypted password? Don't worry, if you have save the BitLocker Recovery Key to a file or a USB flash, you can use it to unlock your hard drive easily. How to unlock your hard disk with the BitLocker Recover Key you have saved on your computer? This article will give you the detail steps. Step as follow:

Step 1: Open Computer on the desktop, right-click on the encrypted disk, click on Unlock Drive.

click on unlock drive

Step 2: Click on "I forgot my password" link below the password box.

click on I forgot password

Step 3: Click on "Type the recovery key".

click on type the recovery key

Step 4: Next it will ask you to type in your BitLocker recovery key. Open the file that you save the BitLocker Recovery Key, and copy the BitLocker Recovery Key.

copy the bitlocker recovery key

Step 5: Go back to the BitLocker Drive Encryption dialog, paste the BitLocker recovery key on the text box, and then click on Next.

Tips: The drive is unlocked temporary, but it will be locked again if you remove it or turn off your computer.

paste the bitlocker recovery key

Step 6: Click "Manage BitLocker" to change your unlocking password or method.

click on manage bitlocker

Step 7: Click on "Change password to unlock the drive".

click on change password to unlock the drive

Step 8: Enter and reenter the new password, click on Next.

type and retype the password

Step 9: Click on "Save or print recovery key again", and save the bitlocker recovery key to a file.

save the bitlocker recovery key to a file

Tips: Make sure the Bitlocker recovery key file is saved safely that can't be seen by others, but found by you easily. Highly recommend you do not save the recovery key file name as Bitlocker recovery key, which can be found by others easily.

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