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How to unlock a password protected Word document with or without password

To prevent our private documents from reading or editing by the unauthorized people, we select to set protected password on them. Once there is a protected password set on the Word document, no one can open it without that password. However, if forgot the Word document encrypted password, how to unlock it? Follow the methods below.

Unlock Word document with or without password

Unlock password protected Word document with password

Of cause, if you still remember the opening password, you can double-click on the Word document, and then type in the password on the Password box to unlock the Word document. However, if forgot password how to unlock the Word document? Recover the forgotten password with Cocosenor Word Password Tuner, and then unlock locked Word document with the password. It works on Word 97-2016.

recover word document password

To recover Word document password:

1. Download Cocosenor Word Password Tuner tool.

free trial

2. Double-click on cocosenor-word-password-tuner.exe file to install it on the computer.

3. Start this tool, and import the Word file by clicking on "Open" click on open button . (Select the Word document that you need to unlock.)

4. Select a type of attack. (If don't have mind which attack type to select, remain the default one.)

5. Begin the password recovery process by clicking on "Start" click on start button. (The recovery process may take a while, wait for it patiently. You also can pause and save the recovery process, and then you can resume it the next time start.)

6. The password will be shown on the pop-up box when it is recovered. And then you can unlock your Word document with the recovered password.

word document password

Unlock password protected Word document without password

If you want to open a Word document without password, you must remove the protection password from it first. How to remove a protected password from Word document when forgot password?

Remove password from Word document with DocRecrypt tool

If you are IT Professional, and the member of your group left your organization but not left the password of the document, you can use the DocRecrypt tool offered by Microsoft to remove or reset Word document encrypted password, if the Word file has an embedded public key. To use the DocRecrypt tool to unlock the Word document, you should have the permission and access to public and private keys that are associate with the certificate. It works on Word 2007-2016.

1. Set up client computers for password protection removal.

2. Import the matching private key to the certificate in the Windows Certificate Manager following the Certificate Import Wizard.

3. Download Office DocRecrypt tool from Microsoft download center, and install it on the IT admin computer.

download docrecrypt tool

4. Open the Command Prompt, and enter the following command line open Office DocRecrypt tool to remove Word document password:

DocRecrypt -i filename

Get more detail from this site: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj923033.aspx

Remove password from Word file with Office Password Remover

If you want to remove the forgotten password from Word (*.doc) file, you can use the Cocosenor Office Password Remover that can help to remove password instantly from Word 97-2003.

Download install the Cocosenor Office Password Remover, Click "Open" to import the Word document, and click on the "Remove Password" button that will help you to remove the password from it in a while.

remove word document password

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