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How to Protect PDF From Editing

When you accomplished a paper after a long time hard work, you may want to convert the paper to a file in .pdf format before publishing it online, you think that PDF is better than Word on protecting your masterpiece from copying, editing, redistributing by the people who has malicious intent. But you should know that a PDF file without any security is still not safe, people can easily use software like Adobe Illustrator to edit it, or he can convert the PDF file to Word, then your fruit of hardworking will be stolen by others. This is disgusting. But we can use the most orthodox and wonderful PDF software Adobe Acrobat to enhance the security of your PDF file and protect PDF from editing.

Firstly, you should get the software, click here to download the free trial version, you can try it for 7 days before proceeding payment.

Secondly, once the software successfully installed in your computer, open the software, navigate to Tools > Protect > Encrypt with Password. A pop-up window will ask if you want to change the security, click yes, then you will see below window.

password security settings

Sidenote: There are two kinds of password, one is used to open the document, the other is restricting editing and printing of the document. If you want to completely conceal the content of your PDF, you can set the open password. But if you just want to keep others from editing or printing, you just need to set the permissions password. Then people can't edit or print the PDF file but view the content.

Thirdly, Click the checkbox under "Permissions", enter a permissions password, and confirm it.

set permissions password

confirm permissions password

Fourthly, A pop-up dialogue box will prompt you that the security settings will not be applied to the PDF document until you save the document. Click OK, and save the changed PDF file. Now the PDF file has been protected from editing.

notice for security settings

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