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How to Unprotect A PDF File Without Knowing The Password

"I have a pdf file with password protected, now I want to unprotect the file, but unfortunately I set the password several months ago, I can't remember it, who can help me to unprotect the PDF file. Appreciate for any of your suggestion and help in advance!"

This is a question I met in a forum, we have to set and remember a lot of password in our work and life. When we forgot the password, we may resort to rack our brain to recall the password. But when you still can't get the password, don't frustrate, our Cocosenor PDF password tuner can help you to unprotect the PDF file. Now you will know how it helps to unprotect your PDF document without knowing password.

Section 1: Prepare the PDF password recovery tool

Download a free trial version of Cocosenor PDF password tuner.

Section 2: Recover the PDF password on a computer

After you download the software, and install it in your computer, please follow below steps to recover PDF lost password.

2-1. Run the software in your computer, click Open button to add a password protected PDF file.

2-2 There are four types of attack -- Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart Attack. Regarding the details of the four types attack, please refer to Four Password Attack Methods to Open Encrypted File. You can use the default attack type--Brute-force, which searches the password combination that contain caps latin, small latin, and digits. Meanwhile, you can set the password length at the tap of Length if you were sure the password length range.

2-3. Once setting is done, click Start to run the software, the software will manage to find the password for you. .

password recovered

Section 3: Video tutorial on the usage of software.

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