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iOS Data Tuner FAQ

iOS Data Tuner Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do with iOS Data Tuner?
  • iOS Data Tuner is a powerful tool to help you recover the important data in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • What platform required for iOS Data Tuner?
  • It can be installed in Windows 98/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • What kind of data can be recovered using Cocosenor iOS Data Tuner?
  • Camera Roll, Photo,Videos,Contacts,Messages,Call History,Calendar,Notes,Reminders,Voice Mmeos, Safari Bookmark.
  • Does Cocosenor iOS Data Tuner recover the data directly from iOS device or from the backup?
  • Currently this software recover the data from iTunes backup. So before you do the data recovery, you should have a backup.
  • Can Cocosenor iOS Data Tuner recover the data from encrypted iTunes backup?
  • No, currently, it only can recover the data from decrypted iTunes backup. You can decrypt your iTunes backup before doing recovery, if you can't remember the password, we have a password recovery tool for you. Here is the tutorial, How to unlock encrypted iPhone backup.
  • Where the data will be stored after recovery?
  • The data will be stored in a specified folder in your computer by youself. Then you can move the data to your iOS device.
  • When I use Cocosenor iOS Data Tuner to recover the data from iTunes Backup, should I manually load the iTunes backup?
  • Basically, you don't need to manually load the iTunes backup, this software can automatically load the backup file for you.
  • How long I can expect to get the data?
  • Not too long, maybe one or less than one minute.
  • In future, if there is any upgrade on the software, which includes more function, can I upgrade it for free?
  • Sure, you will be free to upgrade the software. Absolutely no extra cost.
  • What is the difference of iOS Data Tuner trial version and full version?
  • You can download the trial verison for free, but you can recover the data only after you paid it.