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Office Password Tuner User Guide

Retrieve Office document lost password with Office Password Tuner

Lost MS Office document password? Don't worry. This guide will show you how to use Office Password Tuner to recover Office document protection password and unlock the Office document instantly without damage.

This Office password tool works on MS Word (*.doc, *.docx) documents, Excel (*.xls, *xlsx) workbooks, PowerPoint (*.ppt, *.pptx) presentations, Outlook (*.pst) files, and Access (*.mdb, *.accdb) database files.

Video guide:

Step 1  Start Office Password Tuner Program

  1. Download Office Password Tuner and install it on your computer, and start it.

Step 2  Import Office document

  1. Click on Open button.
  2. Select the Office document that you need to unlock, and then click on Open to import it into program.

    select office document

Step 3  Select attack type and configure parameters

  1. Below Type of attack, click on the drop-down list to select an appropriate attack type.
  2. And then configure the cracking parameters, such as password Range and Length.

    select attack type

Step 4  Start to recover Office document password

Click on Start button to begin the password recovery process. start to recover office document password

How long it will take to recover Office document password, depends on the password complexity. The stronger of the password, the longer time it will take. So, wait for it patiently.

If want to suspend, click on Stop button, and you will be prompted to save the project. Click on Yes to save the project. If the Office Password Tuner application is not closed, the process of recovering password will be resumed automatically the next time you click on Start button. stop password recovery process

Step 5  Open Office document

  1. When the Office document password is recovered, it will be showed on the popping up dialog box.
  2. Click on Copy → Open, past the password on the text box, and press Enter. And then you will find the Office document is opened successfully.

    office document password is recovered

Which attack type to select?

Brute-force Attack: This attack will try all possible characters combinations in the specified range have selected. If the password is short, it will be recovered in a while.

Mask Attack: If still remember some part of the password, you can specify it with the mask symbol to shorten the password recovery time. Then it will be faster than the Brute-force attack.

Dictionary Attack: The program will try all the passwords strings in the built-in or self-created dictionary. If the protected password is in the self-created password dictionary, to recover the password is very fast.

Smart Attack: It will try all possible characters combinations in all printable characters. If you don't remember any thing about the password, choose this one is ok.

How to configure the attack parameters?

If select Brute-force attack type: Click on Range to select the password range. And then click on Length to set the Minimal and Maximal password length. password range and length

If select the Mask attack type: First select the Brute-force attack to set the password Range and Length. Next select Mask attack, click on Range, and then set the Start from, End at, Mask option. For example, if your password is "coco123", and you still remember the begin part is "coco", then you can set the Start from box to "coco". Specify the unknown characters with "?" symbol, so set the Mask box to "coco???" mask attack settings

For more detail about Mask attack, see Mask Attack – a few minutes to recover a forgotten password.

If select Dictionary attack type: Click on Dictionary, and click on Select Dictionary to choose the password dictionary you created. If use the built-in dictionary, you don't need to do any thing, just click on Start button to begin the recovery process. dictionary attack settings

For more detail to self-created a dictionary to recover password, see How to create a powerful dictionary to recover forgotten password.

If select Smart attack type: You don't need to configure the parameters, just click on the Start button to begin.