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Outlook Password Tuner Upgrade

   Upgrade History

Version: 2.0.1     05/01/2016

Accelerate the GPU and speed up the password recovery.

support password recovery of Outlook 2016

Version: 1.9.0     07/29/2015

Supported password recovery for Outlook 2013

Version: 1.8.1     03/04/2015

Supported password recovery for Outlook 97-2010.

Version: 1.1.0     03/01/2015

-Cocosenor Outlook Password Tuner is newly released.

upgrade  How to update new version?

If I have purchased your software, can I update the latest version for free? If yes, how to do?

You can always update your software for free. You can redownload the latest version from our web site. Then install the latest version to your computer again. And we will e-mail you the latest software which you purchased if we have updated.