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PDF Password Tuner FAQ

Frequently asked questions of PDF Password Tuner

  • What can I do with PDF Password Tuner?
  • With the help of PDF Password Tuner, you are able to recover user password for PDF documents created in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software.
  • What can I do to accelerate the PDF password recovery speed?
  • 1. Set the priority to set more CPU power to PDF Password Tuner program.

    2. Select an appreciate attack type and adjust the attack settings.

    For example, if you still remember partial of the password, select the Brute-Force with Mask attack that would be faster than Brute-Force attack only.

    If you can list all possible characters combinations to create a password dictionary, select Dictionary attack type.
  • How to set the Brute-Force with Mask attack type to speed up password recovery process?
  • First, select Brute-Force attack, and set the password range. For example, if you are sure all of your password characters are small Latin, check the option "All small latin (a –z)".

    Then click on Length to set the password length. For example, if your password is 8 characters, set the minimal password length to "1", and set the maximal password length to "8".

    At last, select Mask attack to set the Start from, End at, Mask box. For example, if your password is "cocoabcd", and you only remember the first part is "coco", then you can set the Start from box to "coco", set the Mask box to "coco????". "?" indicates the unknown character.
  • How to use Dictionary attack to accelerate password recovery speed?
  • List all possible characters combinations to a notepad, one password on a line, and save it to create a password dictionary. And then click on Select Dictionary button to select the self-created password dictionary to recover password.
  • How long does it take to recover PDF forgotten password?
  • The times it takes to recover PDF password will depend on the password complexity and the attack settings. Generally, the stronger of the password, the longer time it will take. But if you select an appropriate attack type, and configure the corresponding parameters, it will shorten much more of time.
  • Can I unlock PDF encrypted document without password?
  • No, you can't unlock a password protected PDF document without password. If you have forgotten the protected password, you can first recover the forgotten password with PDF Password Tuner, and then unlock the document with the recovered password.
  • Will the password recovery process cause damage to my PDF file?
  • No. PDF Password Tuner is designed with read-only operations, so it won't cause any damage to the PDF file during the password recovery process.
  • Can I save the PDF password recovery process when it is stopped?
  • Yes. When you click on Stop button, you will get the prompt to save the project. If want to save, click on Yes.
  • Can I resume the PDF password recovery process?
  • Yes. If you have save the project, then you can resume it the next time start.
  • What is the difference of PDF Password Tuner trial version and full version?
  • PDF Password Tuner trial version only shows password within three characters.

    PDF Password Tuner full version shows all off password characters regardless of the password length.