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RAR Password Tuner User Guide

Unlock password protected RAR file with RAR Password Tuner

Finding password for RAR file? Here will guide you to recover forgotten or lost password for RAR file with RAR Password Tuner – a professional password tool helps to unlock RAR password instantly and securely without any damage to the RAR archive.

Video guide:

Step 1  Open RAR Password Tuner software.

  1. Get RAR Password Tuner and install it.
  2. Start RAR Password Tuner.

Step 2  Select RAR file.

  1. Click on Open button.
  2. Select the RAR encrypted file which needs to be unlocked.

    select rar file

Step 3  Choose attack type and configure parameters.

  1. Below Type of attack, click on the drop-down list to select an attack type.
  2. And then set the related parameters.

    configure parameters

Step 4  Start RAR password recovery process.

Click on Startstart button button and begin the password recovery process.

Step 5  Unlock RAR encrypted file with password.

  1. When RAR password is recovered, it will be showed on the dialog below.
  2. Click on Copy button.
  3. Click on Open button, and paste the password to open RAR file.

    rar password recovered

Which attack type to select and how to configure parameters?

Click on the drop-down list below Type of attack, you will see four types of attack: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart attack.

Brute-force attack: If you don't select any one, then this attack type will be selected by default. You can select the password character range and click on Length to set the minimal and maximal password length. And then program will try all possible combinations of the password range to recover password. brute force attack

Mask attack: If still remember some part of the password, select Brute-force with Mask attack type. It will be faster then selecting the Brute-force attack only.

First, select the Brute-force attack to set the password Range and password Length.

Next, select Mask attack, and set the related parameters. For example: If your password is "coco123", but you only remember the first part is "coco", you can replace the unknown part character with "?" symbol. So set the Start from box to "coco", and set the Mask box to "coco???". mask attack

Dictionary attack: If you can list all possible passwords you used on a notepad to self-create a password dictionary, then this attack type will be the fastest one.

For more info about the dictionary attack, see How to create a powerful dictionary to recover forgotten password.

Smart attack: If select this attack type, the program will try all possible printable character combinations.