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SQL Password Tuner User Guide

Recover SQL Server SA or other user password with SQL Password Tuner

This guide describes how to recover/reset SQL Server SA or other user password with SQL Password Tuner – a Powerful tool that is designed to reset SA and other user password for Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005/2000 Database.

Step 1   Start SQL Password Tuner

  1. Download and install SQL Password Tuner on your computer.
  2. Start SQL Password Tuner.

Step 2  Import master database file.

  1. On SQL Password Tuner, click Open File button.

    click open file button

  2. Select the master.mdf file, and click on Open to import it in.

    select database file to import

Step 3  Select a user account

You can see all of the user accounts, including the SA account, are showed on the dialog below, click on the user account whose password you want to reset, and click on "Reset" button. select user and click reset

On the Picture above, you can see two kinds of MS SQL Server passwords:

  • Unknown means the user account is password protected.
  • Empty means no password is set on the user account, everyone can login with it without password.

Step 4  Reset password.

  1. When the Reset Password dialog box pops up, enter a new password, and click on OK. And then your user account password has been set to the new one.

    enter a new password

  2. Close SQL Password Tuner, restart MS SQL Server. And now, you can login SQL Server with the new password.