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Windows Password Tuner Standard User Guide

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Reset Windows forgotten password with Windows Password Tuner Standard

Forgot your computer password and are locked out of Windows? Here this guide will show you how to reset Windows forgotten password to unlock your computer with Windows Password Tuner Standard. Windows Password Tuner is a professional tool that helps to remove/reset forgotten password for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT.

Video guide:

Guide Steps


Step 1  Create a password reset disk with Windows password Tuner Standard

  1. Run Windows Password Tuner Standard.
  2. Insert the USB or CD/DVD device into the PC.
  3. Select the device on Windows Password Tuner Standard.
    (If insert a USB, click on USB device / If insert a CD disk, click on CD/DVD.)

    select media type

  4. Click on Begin burning, and Yes to format the USB drive.
  5. After a while, the USB or CD/DVD will be burned to a password reset disk when get the message "Burning successfully".

    burn to create a password reset disk

Step 2  Set your locked computer to boot from the password reset disk

Mostly the PC won't boot from the password reset disk automatically. So, you may need to set it manually.

  1. Take the password reset disk insert into your locked PC.
  2. Restart the locked PC, and press the key to get into BIOS or UEFI settings, and then set the USB or CD/DVD bootable disk to the first boot option.
    How to set computer to boot from USB drive
    How to set computer to boot from CD-ROM

Step 3  Reset or remove Windows password

  1. When Windows Password Tuner Standard program comes up, select the system and your user name.
  2. Click on Reset Password.

    If you select a local account, then you will be prompted that the password will be set to blank. Click on Yes to remove password from your PC device.

    remove windows password

    If you select a Microsoft account, you will be prompted that the password will be set to Cocosenor@2016. Click on Yes to reset your Microsoft account.

    reset microsoft account password

  3. Take out of the USB and CD/DVD, click on Reboot. If you are sure the bootable disk is removed from your PC, click on Yes to restart computer.

    reboot computer

  4. This time it will boot normally to the logon screen. Then you can log into Windows without password if the password is set to blank.

Step 4  Create a user account for Windows without password

  1. Select your system, click on Add User button.
  2. On the popping up window, type in a new user name and password, and then click on OK.

    type user name and password

  3. Click on Reboot to restart PC device after ejecting the removable device.

    reboot computer after adding user

  4. When go to the logon screen, click on the new user account, and enter the password to get into system. The new user account with administrator privilege can help you to manage your old user account password

That is not as hard as you think, and would not cause any data lost and damage to your computer, just have a try.