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Word Password Tuner User Guide

Unlock Word document with Word Password Tuner

Cocosenor Word Password Tuner - the outstanding utility is designed to recover password for Word documents. Now, let's see how to use Word Password Tuner to recover Word document forgotten password, and then unlock the Word document safely without losing data.

Video guide:

Step 1  Open Word Password Tuner

  1. Download and install Word Password Tuner.
  2. Start Word Password Tuner.

Step 2   Select Word encrypted file

Click on Open button, and select the Word file that need to unlock. select password protect word document

Step 3  Select an attack type and adjust attack setting

Click on the drop-down list below Type of attack, you will see four attack types: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, Smart. Choose an appropriate attack type, and configure the corresponding parameters. select attack type

If don't know select which type of attack to recover Word document password, click here to get more detail.

Step 4  Recover Word document password

Click on Start start button button to begin the Word password recovery process.

Step 5  Unlock password protected Word document

When the Word file opening password is recovered, you will see the password on the popping up dialog. You can use it to open your Word file directly. Or click on Copy → Open, and then paste the password to unlock the Word document. password is recovered

How long will it take to recover Word document password?

How long it will take to recover password, depends on the password length, complexity, and the attacking settings you set. The stronger password the longer time it will take. But if you still remember some part of the password, you can select Mask attack, and then use the "?" symbol to replace the unknown characters. And then it will save much more time. mask attack

If the password is so strong, that it will take tens of hours and even several days to recover the Word file forgotten password. You can click on Stop stop button button to suspend, and save the project. And then the next time you can resume and continue the password recovery process.