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How Do I Password Protect Compressed File

WinRAR is not only used for compressing files and folders, it can be a great encryption software as well. But nowadays, we could find numerous decryption software for compressed files and folders. No matter how long the password, it can't be regarded as a lion in the way any more for the decryption software. Then how do I password protect compressed file to make it indestructible. Aside from normal security enhancement, we can do more:

When decrypting an encrypted file or archive, the software may use brute-force, mask attack, dictionary attack to tackle the password. However if we compress multiple files, and set a different password for each file, the software may do nothing for the password. Let's take a look how to make it available.

Step 1. Compress the file and set a password as regular what you do.

Step 2. Prepare another file, we use it to puzzle the software.

Step 3. Open WinRAR, click "Add" to add another file into the encrypted compressed file.

encrypted compressed file

Step 4. After you added another file, you are able to set a different password for it.

archive name and parameters set password for added file

Step 5. When the new password for the added file is set, click twice OK, you could find that there is an asterisk (*) on the top right of the file name, which stands for the file is encrypted.

compressed file with a different password

Now if you want to open the newly added file, you have to enter its own password, which is different from the password for the compressed archive. By parity of reasoning, if you want to boost the safety of the other file in compressed archive, you could set a unique password for it when you add it into the compressed file.

Important: A reminder for you, please firmly memorize the password for each file, because if you lost the password, no rar password recovery program can recover the inside password for each file, as it just retrieve the first password -- the password for compressed archive.

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