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How to Unlock a RAR Archive Without Password

Locking the important RAR archives is good for boosting the security of the archives, but once you can't remember the password, how should you do? Don't fret! If you indeed can't remember the password after thousands try, I would like to introduce a powerful tool to unlock a RAR archive -- Cocosenor RAR Password tuner. Here you will also learn how to use it to unlock your RAR archives.

Step 1. Download and install Cocosenor RAR Password tuner.

Step 2. Double click to run the software, click Open to load the archive in .rar

Step 3. Under "Type of attack", you will be able to find four types of attack -- Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart.

four types attack

The four types of attack can help you to unlock the encrypted rar archive in four means, you can learn more about the four types of attack through four password attack types to open encrypted file.

Now, we take using Mask attack as an example. I just remember the password starts with "a", I am not sure if the password contain small latin and/or digits and/or special symbols, I make setting as below, then fill "a??" in the text field after "Mask".

mask attack to unlock a rar archive

Step 4. Click "Start" to find the password.

If your password was simple, the software can get it for you In a short time, however if the password was too complicated, you may have to wait a bit longer time. Once you get the password, you can use it to unlock the RAR archive.

Tip: The free trial version just works for the password that not longer than 3 characters, if the password to your RAR archives is longer than 3 characters, you need to buy a registration code.

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